Following Finch & Fleabag on R2AK 2024

If you’re reading this page, that means you’re family or a friend! Thanks for following me on R2AK 2024, and don’t forget to pour out a drop of tea into the nearest body of water for good luck.


Official start for the first stage is 5AM June 9th in Port Townsend, WA.

The first stage races to Victoria, and I have 36 hours until 5pm June 10th to complete this initial stage of 35 Nautical Miles, to be allowed to participate in the rest of the race.

Second stage leaves at 12:00 noon June 12th, and I have until noon on July 5th to make it to Ketchikan, Alaska. Average run is somewhere in the 35 Nautical Miles per day range needed to make it up there!

There will be live-streamed coverage of the starts, in Port Townsend and Victoria, and of the finish line in Ketchikan if I make it there, at the R2AK facebook page.

Official Race Tracker & Media Pages:

Somewhere on the R2AK page will be an easy link to the new “YellowBrick” trackers page they’re using this year. However, it’s likely not great to see on a phone, so I recommend the app just below!

YB Races App

The official YellowBrick Tracker App. Download the app on your phone, and when the race is closer you’ll be able to add “Race to Alaska” as one of the races you follow. Once you enter you can see all the competitors. This is a much better/easier way to follow the official trackers.

Race Social Media Page

This page has the official R2AK Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube linked. Any pics or videos will show up in one or usually all of those places!

My Personal Spot Tracker:

Fleabag And Finch Spot Tracker Map

My personal spot tracker map! I’ve changed the settings so that it will initially only show my most recent position. You can change from this “Live” view to a trail of positions (I suggest 7d/ 7 days during the race) using the menu top right. This tracker’s been worked HARD for the last 3 and a half years and may not survive this race! If it fails to update, it is not cause for concern, but I’ll try and keep it running as the official trackers aren’t always working

Cell coverage is very spotty once you’re north of Campbell River, and it’s unlikely in a lot of anchorages even south of there. Don’t be alarmed if I don’t respond to cell messages! Rogers coverage maps below:

Thank you <3