A new mainsail for Finch

Finch’s current mainsail is an unknown, terribly high numbers of years old and has been flogged to death through a few different owners now. The leech flutters constantly regardless of sail trim, there’s no leech or foot line, the draft is blown aft, and there’s only two reef points.

With the R2AK coming up in the very near future, I’ve placed an order for a new mainsail! But, my budget is a little small for this purchase, I’m teetering on the edge of financial ruin. So, I’m asking for your help. You can donate directly to me at the link below and all funds will go directly to the purchase price of the sail, $1368 USD

Literally *anything* helps!

Thank you in advance,

Liam Pareis and S/V Finch

R2AK 2024 Team Fairly Fleabag

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A Massive, massive thank you to everyone who’s donated so far. It truly means the world to me and my little boat. We’re 30% of the way there! I’ve been in contact with the sail loft to put down a deposit and discuss the details and they say I should be able to get it delivered about a week before the race! Final design from the sail loft is below >>

Finch’s current mainsail is almost a foot short on both the foot and the hoist, so the new mainsail will take my sail area in the main from 123ft2 to 168 ft2, a 36%increase that brings me in line with the stock Contessa 26 rig and will be extremely beneficial to my light wind and upwind performance.

A deep third reef will allow me sail in the potentially 30+ knot headwinds that are common in Johnstone Strait!

Finally, having proper sail shape instead of the current draft too far aft will mean that even with the increased sail area, I’ll be likely to heel the same or less in strong winds, which is a massive comfort and safety advantage.