Delivering “42” : The Backstory

I’ve always wanted to cross an ocean, but the preparations of Finch have taken longer than I imagined! So when a friend from R2AK purchased a lightweight, all carbon catamaran and needed help crossing the Atlantic, I was more than eager to drop everything (again) and hop on board! Sailing Vessel “42” (named after the answer of the question of life, the universe, and everything from Douglas Adam’s “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”), is a custom, one-off Maxim 55 designed fast catamaran. High aspect ratio (narrow) hulls, tall rig, but luxurious accommodations: 18 knots of boat speed never felt this comfortable before. 

A fast catamaran is a vastly different way to cross an ocean than what I’d always envisioned as my first transoceanic passage. 

But newly purchased boats have issues, and the Med is a bumpy sea to cross in winter! John & Becca took ownership of the boat in Cyprus, and after they spent a month of their delivery with only 3 people aboard, I was set to fly out to Sicily to join them in Palermo, Sicily…